Calculate your size with Bricoshoes

Your ideal size is here. The form of find out is very simple (only 3 steps) and you will allow you to guess the shoe size you choose in our online store.

Paso 1 calcula tu talla ideal

1. Pencil and Paper

Take a leaf  of paper and a pen or download this template  to make it the size of your feet which you can find out the size. (TO PRINT THE TEMPLATE, IN SETTINGS OF PRINTING IS SHOULD SELECT-SIZE REAL OR PRINT WITHOUT EDGES / MARGINS, THIS ENSURES THAT THE SCALE IN CENTIMETERS IS CORRECT).

Place the foil on the floor leaning against a wall to put the foot on.

Paso 1 calcula tu talla ideal

2. Measure both feet

Place your foot flat on the leaf supporting your heel on the wall so that it is straight.

Then, with straight pencil (90º angle) make a mark on the paper at the end of the big toe. Performs the same process with the other foot and stay with the largest length.

Paso 1 calcula tu talla ideal

3. Choose your size

Finally, just need to find the size that corresponds to your measurement in centimeters in the following table.

Are you between two sizes? We recommend that you always choose the larger size.

Foot long (cm) Bricoshoes size
21,2 - 22,935
23 - 23,636
23,7 - 24,337
24,4 - 2538
25,1 - 25,739
25,8 - 26,440
26,5 - 27,141