These General Terms and Conditions apply to the sale of all products offered on the web

 Bricoshoes, S.L., residing in Elche, Spain, Street Pedro Moreno Sastre, 96 and C.I.F B54917612, owner of the website reserves the right to modify the contract offer, made by the general conditions and the list of products and prices at any time, being in force which are published at the time on the web, although such changes will not affect contracts already made by the buyer before.

As a buyer, you duly registered in the portal, truthfully stating their data, who has read and accepted this contract and conditions of use of the portal and complied with the covenants of the same.


The placing of an order to implies acceptance by the customer of all general terms and conditions set forth below.

2. Ability to hire

 To hire any of the products throughout the site the user must be able legally under Spanish law, it is of age and has accepted the present conditions.

3. Price and Product Description

The characteristics of the products offered on the site are displayed throughout the pages of this website, the price will be displayed in euros, including taxes.

These products will be available for sale until stocks are exhausted, though for update failure stock, the seller may cancel the sale informing the buyer. In turn, the seller may remove at any time it deems the products of its catalog.

In the event the freight generated sent by its nature, as agreed in the contract, the user is informed of the amount thereof, and will always be in charge, unless otherwise agreed.

In turn in the final calculation of the purchase price is to inform the user of applicable taxes and the total amount of the sale.

In relation to possible offers and promotions Bricoshoes reserves the right to decide, at all times, products that contain and are offered to users through the portal. Thus, Bricoshoes may at any time add new products and offerings to existing, meaning, unless something else that such new products shall be governed by the provisions of the General Conditions in force at that time available.

 4. Payment Terms

 In payment of all our products is done in, and payment can be made by credit card, through this means of payment, the buyer will have to provide your credit card number, expiration date and other data requested by the entity bank. In this case, your data will be encrypted and sent under secure the virtual TPV of BBVA server.

The purchase will be made through PAYPAL, according to the conditions in their recruitment policies and legal notices.

 payment may also be made by bank transfer, indicating the reference of the operation that the user is provided by bricoshoes. In this case, the request need not be formalized until we receive the entry of the amount of the sale. In the case of receiving such amount within 72 hours, means canceled the order and you must do it again, considering the possible contract modifications.

 In certain cases and to prevent fraud reserves the possibility to ask a customer a specific payment in the event that is not proven conclusively the identity of the buyer.

5. Delivery It undertakes to deliver the product within 15 days to customers. What if its customers is the option to cancel your order at any time and at no cost if the cancellation is communicated before the order has been made available to the carrier for shipment.

The product shall be deemed delivered to the customer at the time that is available to the client and signed by him the receipt.

Claim for undelivered orders:

Informed buyer upon receipt of a mail that your order is sent, if after detailed deadlines not receive the product, you can contact sellers via phone: 627 404 155 to schedule 10.00h to 13.00h at 16.00 has 20.00ho by mail: order to clarify the seller the cause of the delay by the carrier or post office. Once the response to the complaint the seller will contact the buyer in order to clarify what happened.

6. Shipping

Shipping costs of products are automatically calculated depending on the destination to which they will be sent. The rates set out to calculate shipping costs depend on the region that is to ship the product and the weight. Some of these data will be provided by the customer at the time when the registration becomes effective through the form. When the customer places the order will be informed of the delivery times for orientation because they can see affected by incidents.

 Once the order is placed and confirmed amount, the system calculates the cost of shipping, for which, the user can check at any time on your screen, the purchase invoice, which will come disaggregated costs order and shipping.

Shipping costs appearing on the website when ordering are also approximate and are calculated based on a certain weight and volume. reserves the right to alter shipping costs, provided prior information to the user. In case of a price change occurs, will contact the customer via mail to inform the variation and the customer may choose to cancel your order without being able to charge any additional costs.

For shipments to the Canary Islands, Balearic Islands and third countries should consult previously shipping costs by a mail addressed to indicating the destination.

 7. Taxes

  The products offered in, include Value Added Tax (VAT), if any, is applicable.

8. Returns

1) The buyer will have 7 working days from the date of receipt of the order to exercise their right to terminate and return / products. After 7 days returns orders are not accepted. It will be understood as the starting date of the computation of these 7 days, appearing on the delivery note of the carrier.

2) The cost of returning the product, in the exercise of the right to terminate the consumer, shall be borne by the user.

3) the right of withdrawal is excluded in cases where the nature of the content of the services it impossible to carry out.

4) No refunds are allowed if the product is not sent in perfect condition with its original packaging and unused.

Returns of custom products not be admitted because the nature of them are only usable by the buyer, thereby notify the user that check well your foot, sizes, colors, etc ... Before entering custom orders.

5) reimbursement of the cost of the product is made by payment to account indicated by the customer within 30 days from receipt of the return.

9. Cancellations

If you wish to cancel an order that has not yet been issued, you can always do and when indicated in writing to the address indicating the order number to be canceled.

While if the payment is made by credit card, the user will be responsible for the expenses caused by the cancellation.

10. Defective product delivery and guarantees

In the case in which the product is damaged by transportation or the product is defective, the customer must contact in the shortest possible time with bricoshoes that will take care of all the expenses associated with the collection of the defective product and subsequent delivery of the new product, if possible.

warranty 90 days, counting from the delivery of the product documented in the delivery note is established.

The warranty does not cover in any case non-conformities of the product, breakage, or damage from misuse thereof, failure to comply with the recommendations of the manufacturer (the user topics can be found on the website of the manufacturer of the product) or which are caused by the incorrect installation or improper handling by the consumer previously manifested before purchasing the product. Nor damaged by accident, normal wear and tear, the natural loss of colors and materials over time, tears, broken, burns or other inherent defect of the material or use will be covered, or those caused by water .

For sanitation proceeding well in the aforementioned cases and recognize the current legislation, the user must make available to bricoshoes the product for repair or replacement.

 You agree that should be impossible either repair or costs pose a disproportionate value, that either replaced by a similar, or if it is impossible to replace them will pay the money into the account specified by the effect.

 In turn, Bricoshoes informs the consumer that products may vary in tone colors, finishes, painting soles and other characteristics, as they are handmade and entirely handmade. Regarding the colors do impact on the variation may suffer due to the shades of computer monitors where the product is played.

11. Force Majeure

Neither contracting party shall have any liability to any failure due to force majeure. The termination of the contract will be postponed until the termination of the force majeure situation.

12. Archive Contracts.

Acceptance of these terms and conditions and the corresponding contract will be filed in facilities, you can also consult the general conditions on our website at all times, as well as the particulars of each transaction in your private area.

13. - Communication

In case the user wants to make any kind of complaint or inquiry should target Bricoshoes, at the address indicated in the header.

14. Applicable Law and Forum

This system purchase is subject to the current legislation in Spain (Civil Code, Commercial Code, Law 7/1996 of 15 January, of the Retail Trade Law 7/1998 of the General Conditions of recruitment, law 26/1984 General Defence of Consumers and Users, Royal Decree 1906/1999 of 17 December, on the telephone and electronic contracting with general conditions and the law 34/2002 of Services of the Information Society and e-Commerce).

If in your case such exist disagreements that may arise out of the contractual relationship and not be resolved amicably, the Courts which, if any, know the matter, will be those applicable legal rules on jurisdiction in which it serves, in the case of consumers, the place of performance of the obligation or the domicile of the purchase.

 Example of buying a our client.


Welcome to the website of Bricoshoes. The website is divided into several sections:

information products that can be purchased Bricoshoes and information related to the authentication process, registration and purchase process appears in the center section. In addition it also displays information on each of the sections chosen from the menu.

To buy Bricoshoes you must follow these steps:

To surf the web and learn about the products available in Bricoshoes use the menu of materials, sections seekers, those situated on the right to learn about the offers, news or best sellers buttons.

You can access detailed product information by clicking the "view data" can be found in each of the products on the web. In this section you will find detailed information on its features and its price (VAT included) and you can add the products to the shopping cart by specifying the desired amount.

You can also add products to your shopping cart using the button in each of the summary records of the products.
After adding items, you can access the shopping cart and change the units of each item to update the amounts of the order if the units are modified. From the shopping cart you can also delete items from your order.

In the shopping cart you can check and subtotals unit price, quantity for each item of the basket and a breakdown of VAT and postage to know what are the concepts that are part of the total order price.

To continue with the next step of the buying process you must log in Bricoshoes, registering on the web through the registration form or service authenticating through your e-mail and password if he were already registered.

The registration data is required to provide the information needed for shipping, billing and manage your orders. From the "My Account" icon you can access to modify your registration details, see orders placed before or unsubscribe as a customer of Bricoshoes.

Once logged is given the opportunity to confirm the order data or modify the contents of the shopping cart.

If you choose the option to "Buy", you should check that the shipping and billing information are correct and may modify or confirm such information.

In the next step you must choose the method of payment (cash or credit card), where you can check reporting instructions associated with the chosen form of payment. In this step still it has the possibility of modifying the lines of your order, return to step to modify data shipping and billing or payment.

If you choose to make payment and chose to pay by credit card, you will be redirected to the secure payment gateway credit card. Once you accepted the payment you can view the summary of your order and the total amount thereof, VAT and postage included. To complete the process of buying and ordering you must press the "Confirm Purchase" button.

After confirming the purchase packing slip with the data of the buyer, the details of your order, the payment method, the shipping, shipping, etc. shown From here you can print the packing list order if you click the "Print Data" button.

At any time you can access your personal data or consult the various orders I have made in Bricoshoes. To do this you must log on to the web using "Authenticate" and go to the "My Account" section, where you can edit your personal information, view your previous orders or unsubscribe. Among the information displayed on your orders can find the delivery note number that identifies each order, the date was made and their status (requested, managing order, sent or canceled).